Natural Miracle Cures Infomercial : Mad TV


March 12, 2010

Robin Kirkly (a thinly veiled Kevin Trudeau played by Michael McDonald) is interviewed by ShopAmerica host (Nicole Parker) about his new book that cures all diseases with natural remedies that the evil “THEY” (Big Pharma/Government/Etc) don’t want you to know about…

So,in order to appreciate this fully, you have to see the original…  But more importantly, other than laughter being the best medicine, why do I have this Miracle Cures video on my site??  Don’t I believe that natural substances can help in many cases?  The answer is yes there are a lot of great natural options, but there is  a HUGE difference between hype to a farce level and truth through science.  Our mission is to look at what works, what doesn’t and why.  Beyond that, if it “works” how much evidence is there really to back it up?  A lot or just a little?  All of this is important is making health care choices. Make sure you check out the videos on “Evidence Based Medicine” which also means Evidence Based Health Information.  Truth not Hype.

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